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Get connected to the Media Film and Television industry Today.

Located in central London, Media Courses students are offered the rare opportunity to be taught by these top professionals in the environment where they actually: write, direct, light, shoot and edit.

The Media Courses mission statement is to "encourage all individuals who have a desire to experience working in the Media, Film and Television industry."

In summary, Media Courses is an institution dedicated "passionately" to help individuals express, create and achieve their freedom in the subjects they would like to pursue.

Helping you is our first priority and giving you the opportunity is also the foundation to our success. Past students appear in front of the camera and behind the scenes working on TV channels, in movies, for production companies, starting their own creative businesses and becoming a freelance professional.


Let me introduce myself. I'm Adrian Thurston

Let me introduce myself. I'm Adrian Thurston. I run Media Courses not only to make a living, but because I sincerely believe that the old fashioned way of teaching brings out the best in students and so the best results in general.

How can you know if you've really learnt anything at all unless you are tested? I don't mean 2 hour exams in the school hall, but, putting into practice what you are supposed to have learnt. That's the final test. Many people think that they are suited to a particular job or profession because its "cool" but when it comes down to it, they simply can't remember what they're supposed to do and how to do it! That's because they're not meant to do it, but something else!

Doing different courses at Media Courses will show you clearly what you're meant to do in the media, not because its "cool" but because you're good at it and you remember how to do it well without forcing yourself to remember something which won't stick no matter how hard you try.

Of course, if you keep on trying to remember something for years and years, eventually it will stick, but that's not EDUCATION, that's indoctrination.

The philosophy of Media Courses is not about using force to learn in the traditional way, but recapping what we are supposed to have learnt, regularly, and putting it into practice during the course.

That way you will know pretty quickly if its for you. Usually it is, and under those circumstances Media Courses will work with you in small groups, and at your pace, to induce you into knowledge and understanding which you will easily remember because it compliments your aim at "personal perfection" to make you feel complete and satisfied. Why not aim at perfection?

If you can get there, great! If you can't, then keep on trying. You can only succeed if you are failing and achieve something more than you had before. Media Courses want you to be the best at what you do, and become the best you can possibly be and we will provide you with the back up and support you need during courses to lead you into that frame of mind and thinking.

It's unreasonable to be mediocre if you have huge capability, so why allow yourself to get like that, and to act like a loser! Therefore, if you want to be a lighting cameraman, for instance, then designing the correct and exact emotional light expression of a scene is everything. Learning how to do that is your job, but, Media Courses know how to get you into that mindset!

That's what we do. If you are an actor, you will want to be the most believable. Media Courses will examine the character you are portraying so that you understand exactly why and how to do it.

Of course, acting is about letting go and doing things which you wouldn't ordinarily do, otherwise it wouldn't be acting at all, would it!?

Doing what you usually do is just playing yourself, acting playing yourself, and that's not really acting! Media Courses only run a few courses currently, because we want to focus on what we know well.

If there's a media course which you've thought about doing, then take a peek www.media-courses.com/courses and see what we can do for you.

Your success is our success and will give us the greatest of pleasure and we therefore hope that you will genuinely succeed sooner rather than later, with our help!

Kind regards,

Media Courses