How to become a TV Presenter

How to become a TV Presenter

‘I want to be a TV presenter’ is a popular expression among teenagers and the twenties generation, so here are some TV Presenting tips.

A Quick Guide for a Quick Fix Look close in the Mirror and ask yourself ''do you want to be a TV Presenter? Its almost like jumping out of a plane for the first time. Some people, sadly, never leave their comfort zone. Good news if you have taken the courage to get up their and give it ago, you can peacefully grow old with no regrets, well at least in relation to being a celebrity stroke TV Presenter. The big secret of course is to be yourself and not somebody who you want to become.

The camera never lies, even if you do, you will soon be discovered and what a pity that would be. Fame, fortune or just a natural ability to perform in public is what it comes down to at the end of the day. How long you last is any ones guess. The higher IQ you have the greater chance of making something of it  long after the phone has stopped ringing. In this modern world, we have nothing to loose and everything to gain from being on the small screen as you never know who is watching and how your life can be dramatically transformed within a short space of time. Everyone in my opinion should try to become a TV Presenter, (as mad as it sounds) as its as simple as making a cup of tea.

Follow these 3 simple steps and within 3 months you will know if other people like you or hate you.

Step one Join us at Media Courses by enrolling onto our YouTube TV Presenter Course. Our friendly and experienced team will guide you through the intensive 3 day presentation course. Understanding who you are and how you are perceived by the public. Just one of the many surprises you will encounter during this course.

Step two Add your YouTube Presenter Course content for your YouTube Channel which you recorded with us during the course.

Step three Have a lunch meeting everyday with TV Producers who are looking for new talent, you buy their lunch and just tell them over the phone you are extremely sexy and good looking.

They will eventually give in and agree to meet you. Here is where you promote and sell yourself and make contact with the industry. I suggest you have at least two thousand pounds to invest in the challenge of wanting to become a TV Presenter.

You need to buy clothes, lunch money, telephone calls, make a showreel, get some training (it always helps to hear from the professionals and how they started out) and get your hair sorted as you don't want to look like a long haired mop. If you don't succeed at first, then try again, read some biogs about the successful and famous and you will soon realise that a large proportion of them went through the same dilemma and anxiety as you maybe feeling right now.

Please remember to stay off the drugs, not only will you be in debt, you will loose your job and suffer great pain and so will your family. Dreaming of stardom, traveling to exotic locations, meeting wonderful people, making lots of money and having much more freedom than you would otherwise is truly a reality and is within your grasp. I salute you and offer you encouragement to escape and try your luck, as they say in the business, its 99 percent sweat and 1 percent luck.