Colour Grading Bootcamp

Learn the elegance and beauty of colour grading your footage to give a professional mind blowing image to wow your audiences.

Colour Grading Bootcamp



Fri 1 Day

Course Date

July 21st 2017


10.00am - 17.00pm

Group Size

5 Students per course

Disabled Access

Yes we have disabled access into the building.
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Creative breath-taking imagery with colour to ignite your audiences emotions!

Colour Grading the art of crafting the highly sought after Hollywood Movie Look, using the industry standard  Blackmagic Da Vinci Resolve. Create the colour grades which are used in countless feature film and televison to add that high end sparkle and gloss to create the scene.

Techniques that many studios and freelancers and Hollywood use for creating and working with grading styles. Fast and easy results every time that you can count on. Learn how to create breath taking results and maximise the quality the sensor of the camera. Take any camera footage and create a work of art showing emotion and depth to scenes.

Many video editors are now being asked to be the colourist and many hats are now needed to be worn to get that job done! The editing skills that a traditional video/film editor needed have now "swung the other way".

As budgets are getting tighter, the editor has to be multi-skilled, not just in video editing, but in colour grading too! Adding this skill-set of colour grading into your editing arsenal, will definitely give you a massive advantage over your competition, who are not using colour grading skills.

  • Fix shots creating mood and style
  • Using LUT's to create 35mm Movie Look
  • Motion Tracking and eye catching effects
  • Matching shot by shot to create a consistent look
  • Understanding Video Scopes to make your work ready for Broadcast
  • Rendering and Outputting your work
  • Creating popular film & televison looks from big Hollywood movies
  • The bread and butter colour grading skills
  • Nodes and how to use them with effective control
  • Keyframe effects and dynamic transitions of colour
  • Amping up a scene to charge emotional impact to the audience

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