Places to visit in London

Popular London Film Locations for Photographs, Videos, Movies Piccadilly Circus is the best London location to take photographs and to shoot your movies, films and videos.

Walking up Regent Street and turning right into Carnaby street offers an incredible London location and one of the best places to visit in London. Visit London and see places that you never knew existed. Walk down a narrow street off  popular Oxford street to discover a wonderful colourful backdrop, ideal for the tourist, professional and student to enjoy and remember for ever. Old Compton Street is a delight for the photographer and film-maker and tourist a like, see London at night and its mix of

well cultured dwellers who participate in joyful activity after a busy day at work. Go East.. to East London and mingle with the artistic crowd, meet many interesting faces and fashion to photograph, head for theBrick lane area of a once depressed but now thriving area of London. Show your friends and family the best places to visit in London by hiring a famous Black Cab taxi or take a vibrant red bus ride on route 19 through Green Park, knights bridgeHyde Park, kings Rd and over the Battersea Bridge leading to South London. The city ride is a short journey which will give you the optimum visual experience of all popular London landmarks all within the comfort and safety of London transport. London offers the most amazing big parks which open early in the morning, ideal for green space and healthy living. Cafes, a Zoo, plants, flowers, lakes, theatres, monuments, sporting facilities, trees, landscapes, bridges, ducks, swans and well designed buildings and nurseries are all inserted in to the park landscape, making the parks the number two London attraction for photography, movies and films.

Visit London website is a great source of information and don't forget what London is famous for... show time...theatres are an abundance  and so are the performers, London theatre land is a must see for all visitors, making a memorable experience of your visit to London.  Check the many shows that open every night and afternoon, many offer discount, but check the seat and position, else it could be an unhappy experience and the promise may not be as true as first thought. One of the best shows in London is 'School of Rock' based on the hit Hollywood comedy film starring Jack Black. It's mighty musical that lives up to its title, has a great light show and the sound is awesome, music is performed live and songs are from the classic Rock themes.

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