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YouTube TV Presenter

Master the art of creating engaging TV content for your YouTube TV Channel. Learn about television presentation techniques to wow your audience.

Master the art of creating engaging TV Presenter content for your YouTube TV Channel. Learn tips about television presentation techniques as well as using the latest in television equipment. Learn the tools of the trade; filming, sound and lighting to wow your audience.

Many budding TV presenters and artists are using YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, to create recorded and live broadcast content and materials to help promote themselves and their creativity.

Youtube has provided an alternative method to promoting creative media, business, music and musicians etc as opposed to just advertising alone. Now, you can promote yourself professionally online!
During your course you will be given a list of assignments which mirror the type of work that would be offered to you as a working TV Presenter. If you are a charismatic individual, confident talker and are ready to become a TV Presenter, then this is the perfect opportunity available to you, right now, in central London.

How to write a one minute programme of your choice
Interviewing skills
Scriptwriting your own unique style of links
Presenting to camera
Autocue training
How the industry works
The 4 major areas of TV Presenting
Studio recording
Location recording
Presenting to Camera
Vox Pops
Feedback for improvement.
Sound/Lighting/Camera Techniques for Youtube
Pratical Hands on recording session

Record on location and in the studio the 4 major areas of TV Presenting which will go on to your channel.

Vox pops
Presenting To Camera (PTC)

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YouTube TV Presenter


Thu - Sat
12.00am - 05.00pm
January 25th - 27th 2018

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The Poor School 242 Pentonville Road, Kings Cross, N1 9JY

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