Blackmagic Camera Operation

Capturing amazing Cinematic image on the Blackmagic Cinema camera is easy. However, many people have tripped up on the workflow for managing the 4k workflow. We will show you how you can cope with the entire workflow from start to finish.

Blackmagic Cinema Camera Ursa Mini 4k Operation

We will show you how to use the camera most effective for motion picture image capture

  • Exposing for RAW.
  • RAW vs Pro Res
  • Slow Motion and fast Motion
  • Global Shutter vs Rolling Shutter
  • Working with a Colour Chart when filming for consistent Colour Correction
  • Exposing your camera sensor to capture your images for high dynamic with least image noise.
  • Post Production Workflow Stages
  • Backing up your Camera footage workflow.
  • Backup your camera card contents using checksum error handling. So you will never miss an important
  • clip.

Dailies using Blackmagic Da Vinci Resolve Software

  • Convert your Raw 4k log footage washed out looking image from the camera into correct Rec 709 colour
  • space for editorial.
  • Ready to edit video clips in glorious looking rich vibrant colours into an edit ready format such as Avid
  • dnxhd and hr 4k so you can easily edit on a laptop with smaller files so it is more managable.

Video Editing with Avid Media Composer

  • Importing Media
  • Learn how to import your compressed video editing onto your computer video files for the editorial
  • process in Avid Media Composer.
  • Importing Camera slate or Movie Slate notes
  • Import Metadata from the camera such as scene, take, notes into Avid Media Composer along with any
  • smart slate entered into the camera at time or after recording or from Movie Slate software.
  • Metadata custom columns for Media Composer to benefit users of the Cinema camera.
  • Exporting your Video Edit for Mastering in Da-Vinci Resolve
  • Final stages of editorial taking your master edit from Avid Media Composer and taking your EDL OR
  • AAF. So that any edits carry from Avid into Resolve for final mastering and video colour correction of
  • the enormous raw video format with all the colour and breath taking controls made available to you.
  • Flawless EDL for export of your video edit into Da Vinci Resolve for mastering

Proxy/Raw Workflow Linkback

  • Preparing Da-Vinci Resolve to link back to the raw video files from the Blackmagic cinema camera
  • Working with the light weight low quality proxy files which we recoreded earlier


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Blackmagic Camera Operation


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