Winter Acting Bootcamp

How actors get their break is somewhat precarious and can lead us to believe anything is possible. But not with the Winter Acting Bootcamp.

Take an opportunity to engage in a practical workshop for film, TV & theatrical acting. Shooting scenes, learning and practising various acting techniques, improvisation, sight reading and classical acting techniques and methods.

If you believe in yourself and would like to join the Media Courses Winter Acting Bootcamp, then this is the acting course for you. During this acting for film, television and theatre bootcamp, you will learn the most effective acting methods, techniques and procedures, and discover a script that shows you at your best. 


Physical preparation

The do's and don'ts of an acting showreel

Film acting versus theatre versus TV

When comedy is better than tragedy

Finding the right acting part for you

Screen acting technique

When amateurs are better than professionals

How to create a great screen acting showreel

Production values for screen actors

The importance of a great actors showreel

Choosing co-actors to appear with you

Improvise for screen acting

Filming your actors showreel

Need any help or have questions

Winter Acting Bootcamp


Mon - Thu
10.00am - 05.00pm
February 5th - 15th 2018

Online Enrolment

The Poor School 242 Pentonville Road, Kings Cross, N1 9JY

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