Movie Lighting Intensive

The Film Camera & Lighting Course at Media Courses (London) teaches the use of digital film camera and movie lighting principles as well as the various stylistic filming and lighting techniques. Get inspired by the magic of Movie mood lighting using the latest equipment and techniques. You'll be able to re-create looks from various popular TV and Hollywood movies using the same principles as these types of huge productions.

Various lighting units and their operation

LED vs Tungsten, Key Lights, Back Lights, Fill lights, Hard and soft light, Colour temperature, Gobos, gels & filters.

Three & Two Point Lighting Tutorials 

Three-Point Lighting, Two-Point Cinema Lighting to create atmosphere.

Understanding Shadows 

How to use and control shadows to your advantage for dramatic effects.

Lighting a Green Screen

Getting a great key image and separation to make your actor look like they are part of the scene!

Horror Movie lighting

How to light a horror movie scene inside a house, stairs, front door, hall way, living room. Learn chilling visual lighting effects which will add suspense, tension and intrigue to your productions. As seen in such movies as The Ring, Shutter Island, Attack the Block, Insidous.

Film Noir

Creating a realistic night-time scene film noir with smoke machine, as seen in such movies as Blade Runner.

Slow Motion & Fast Motion

Shooting slow motion High Frames Rates, pouring water into a glass 150fps HD and 60fps Ultra HD 4k Fast Motion frame rate for unique effects

Lighting small objects 

Wrist Watch and Beverage glass with Ice to recreate a look of a Television commercial

Day for Night

Only have a budget to shot your production during the day? We will show you how to make it look like you filmed at night. By using these tools, reflectors, and lights with flags for control of shadows and contrast to create a realistic night scene filmed during the day

Mixed Lighting

Filming a car interior with external Blue Screen. Lighting for foreground and background Blue Screen outside a vehicle with interior lighting for the inside of the car

Event Details

Event Date Fri 9th Mar 2018 10:00
Event End Date Sat 10th Mar 2018 17:00
Maximum Class size 5
Individual Price £225.00
The Lyceum
Brassie Ave, London W3 7DE, UK
The Lyceum
£225.00 4

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