Moderately priced hotels in Kings Cross London

We can help find competitively priced accommodation during your course

Accommodation in London is notoriously expensive, but if you want to do a Media Course, then get in touch with us through the contacts page and tell us of your accommodation requirements and we'll help and advise on booking your accommodation for during the course.

We recognise that you don't want to be biting your fingernails on whether you'll find suitable accommodation, so tell us what you are looking for, and we can help to find it for you.

Similarly, whilst you are in London doing your Media Course, again, you don't want to be worrying about whether the accommodation is clean, safe and secure. We'll never advise you to book a dirty, unsafe hotel and will visit the venue and give you a brief report on its suitability.

Before booking a Media Course

Although finding hotels for our students is not our business, we will assist in finding something suitable upon your request.

Paying for the hotel is primarilly your responsibility, but where possible, we may be able to make a booking on your behalf if we have your relevant details.

Some hotels may wish to take a deposit to secure the booking, but we will advise if this is the case.
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